Dress Code

Know your clothes
Dress Code is a radical concept prototype for re-imagining the most basic of wearables — clothes. The project was developed as part of Critical Making: Materials, Protocol and Culture at UC Berkeley. The idea of the project was to imagine the future of wearables, and to find a way to record the stories of the garments we put on every day.

About Dress Code

We envision a future where your wardrobes can be managed, tracked, and expanded in the same way we manage our music libraries. Dress Code features a small electronic “tag” with an embedded flex sensor, vibrating motor, and LED. Combined with a bluetooth sensor and mobile app, the tag makes it easy to review your wardrobe, receive suggestions, and put together an outfit from your phone. As you pick an outfit, the vibration motor confirms that your app has loaded each item, then potential combinations light up in your closet. As you narrow down the selection, the lights turn off.

Dress Code enables you to visualize which garments you wear most and how your style changed over time, and decide which ones might be worth donating. It provides seasonally appropriate suggestions, and can even help you find outfits you’ve never tried before, all from what is already in your closet.

Team: Josh Fandel, Elly Lin, Hannah Sarver, Juejin Lu, Angira Shirahatti