CS160 / 260

Currently, I'm serving as a teaching instructor for Berkeley's User Interface Design class. The class serves as an introduction to human-computer interaction, user research, usability testing methods, and the design cycle. Each semester, students design an app during a semester-long project. This semester, projects are focused around Kinoma and Internet of Things technology. My responsibilities as a teaching assistant include running discussion sections where students can ask questions and get hands-on experience with the material, grading homeworks and giving feedback, and faciliating in-lecture studio activities.

Intro to Photoshop & Illustrator

One of Cal’s most popular academic programs is the DECal, or Democratic Education at Cal program, which allows students to design and run classes for credit. Topics range from Harry Potter to Female Sexuality to iOS Development. For several years now, Innovative Design has run a popular Introduction to Photoshop & Illustrator course, which takes students through the basics of using the Adobe Suite, as well as providing an introduction to design principles such as use of color and typography, layout, and design methodology.

In fall 2015, I served as an instructor for the Intro to Photoshop & Illustrator DECal, updating and improving curriculum and homework for the class, and helping coordinate between the other instructors to ensure that our course was of uniformly high quality. It was my first time teaching a class rather than just giving advice to my peers, and I learned a lot about articulating ideas clearly and understanding student misconceptions. I also seriously upped my illustrator hotkey game!