My Work At The Wonder Foundation

During my semester abroad in London, I had the opportunity to work as a visual and brand designer for a small charity organization, the WONDER Foundation. WONDER focuses on long-term community empowerment through primary education and vocational training for underprivileged women and children across the globe. During my time there, I designed marketing materials for several fundraising campaigns, and helped solidify brand guidelines.

WONDER’s brand image and message is one of hope. The organization strives to portray the communities it works for with dignity, and present a positive message. As a result, WONDER’s brand is defined by bright colors, illustration, and relatability. Below are samples from some of the campaigns I worked on.

The Mother's Day Campaign

One of the first major projects I worked on was illustrations for their Mother's Day fundraising campaign, to raise funds for hygiene and midwife training in the Democratic Republic of Congo. For the campaign, I aimed for designs that were bright, welcoming, and dignified, while still portraying symbols of both Congo and motherhood.

Primary School Fundraising

As part of my work for WONDER, I created posters designed to for school fundraising campaigns. The idea would be for these posters to be pasted on elementary and middle school hallways to encourage students to donate to a particular educational project funded by WONDER. Each poster is thus designed to be colorful and appealing to children as young as 6, but also to be tailored to the invidual project each sponsors.

Each poster set also came with a fundraising bar, denoted by a "ladder to success" for the children on the posters.

Generic Fundraising Posters

Extending the branding I had begun to develop with the school fundraising posters, I came up with a more generic set of fundraising posters, for the quintessential English fundraising events, the "cake sale" and "coffee morning." These posters incorporate WONDER branding, particularly in terms of color, much more directly, and emphasize the foundation's commitment to women's empowerment in addition to early childhood education.

Fundraising Guide

The final project I worked on was WONDER's fundraising guide, an informational packet designed to help volunteers plan and organize fundraising events independently. The finished work is an 18 page packet, and can be seen in full here. Below are a few spreads from the packet.